Bassett IP Strategies can help you determine whether your invention may patentable.

  • We can help you understand the patenting process and how patents can add value to your company.

  • We can help you obtain a patent for your patentable invention with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

  • We can help you develop and submit patent applications.

  • We can help you prosecute patent applications.

  • We can review the available patent literature to help you avoid reading upon existing patents.

  • We can perform an evaluation of the intellectual property your company holds.

Bassett IP Strategies is set up and registered to electronically file US Patent Applications and International PCT Applications.

  • We can electronically file responses to office actions.

  • We can electronically file items associated with applications: oaths, declarations, fees, and the like. 

  • We can electronically file assignment agreements.

  • We can recommend draftspeople that will economically get drawings developed for your applications; we can also provide guidance for you to develop your own drawings if you so desire.


What is a Patent and How Do I Get One? 

Patent FAQs

What is a Patent Agent?

Since 2005, Bassett IP Strategies has been helping businesses get patents on their inventions.  We’ll help you business solve intellectual property issues.  We specialize in meeting the intellectual property needs of small businesses.


We have on staff a patent agent registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  When it comes to developing, submitting, and prosecuting your patent application, the USPTO makes no distinction between a patent attorney and a patent agent.  When working on your behalf in matters dealing directly between you and the USPTO, a patent agent may perform all of the same duties that a patent attorney would perform, typically at a fraction of the cost. Where a patent agent differs from a patent attorney, is when there is a 3rd party involved.  A patent agent will not draw up a contract for you and a 3rd party, but one can file assignment agreements with the USPTO for you.  A patent agent will not handle an interference between you and a separate party.  A patent agent will not help you get a trademark nor a copyright. 


Let us assist you in improving the management of your company’s intellectual property assets.

Our President

David Bassett has been a Patent Agent registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office since 2004 and has experience in optics, acoustics, mechanical, business method, computer, and biomechanical utility patenting and design patenting.


Mr. Bassett received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Clarkson University in 1988 and his Master of Science Degree from University of Houston in 1991.  He has worked as a Chemical Engineer for Consulting and Manufacturing Firms for 14 years.  While working as a Chemical Engineer, Mr. Bassett attended the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business where he received his MBA and earned the 2004 Hugh H. Whitney Award as the Outstanding Student of his class.

Mr. Bassett has a broad background and is familiar with a wide range of businesses from manufacturing and contract packaging, to environmental, chemical, plastics, oil & gas, biomedical, optics, and microelectronics.

Mr. Bassett is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, a member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, a Director of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network, a former Director of the Rochester Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and a member of the Independent Entrepreneurs Council.


You can reach David Bassett directly at dbassett@bassett.pro


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