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What is a Patent and How Do I Get One?

A patent is a grant of intellectual and property rights making it illegal for anyone else to create, market, sell or use your invention without your permission [source: U.S. Trademark and Patent Office]. A patent allows your idea to remain in your control.

So, how do you get a patent? Applying for one can be a complex process. The assistance of someone who knows the ins and outs of the patent business can save you lots of time and money. That's my job, what I, as a patent agent, can help you with.


As a patent agent, I understand the rules and regulations regarding patents that most inventors probably don't even know exist. Yes, you can apply for a patent without the help of an agent, but it's risky. 


A patent agent will help you fill out the necessary forms, contact the patent office, send in your application and follow up on any issues that might arise while your patent is being processed. Just know that issues will almost certainly arise. A patent examiner will usually send you a list of rejections. These are items that need to be corrected or modified in order for your application to be granted. As your patent agent, I can help you address those items or argue against the rejections.


Do you have an invention you'd like to get a patent for? Contact Bassett IP Strategies for assistance. 

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