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Bassett IP Strategies has been a great asset to the internal development work that we have conducted at SMA Optical Technologies, Inc. They have provided insights into the patent landscape that has enabled us to focus our efforts successfully in pursuit of innovative technologies that offer significant business potential. Bassett has worked closely with SMA to craft patent applications that have passed the examination stage at the USPTO with minimal changes, and have responded successfully to office actions from the USPTO that have preserved the value of the applications. We will continue to work with Bassett IP Strategies because they provide high value for the investment we make in our internal development efforts.

- Stephen C. Arnold
  President & Founder
  SMA Optical Technologies, Inc.


Bassett IP Strategies was instrumental to my obtaining a US patent on my invention. Their lead patent agent worked closely with me and helped me develop a patent application from my idea and rapidly worked through the examination process to patent issuance. Bassett helped me understand the patenting process putting ‘patentese’ into plain English and enabled me to keep the project on target and on budget. I will work with Bassett again in the future.

- Robert A. Hill, Inventor

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